Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-04-23 01:41:02 (UTC)

Homesick, Rejected, and Feeling like a failure


*feels like bashing head into wall*

I hate having to be perfect. Im not perfect dammit. I
just want to have fun, and I never got a chance to, and Mom
isnt going to let me.

I hate how she can always make me feel like shit. Then on
top of dissing me, she has to bitch about dad and how
everyhthing else sucks. I wanted to tell her to shut up.
Then she wonders why I hide in my room and cry those silent
tears she never sees me shed.

I hate being alone.

Matt, I love you angel, so much

You too marie, I miss you, and you too huggles.