summer of '01
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2001-05-29 19:46:38 (UTC)

First Day of Summer

Thank God, it is finally the first day of summer.
Yesterday, me and Timo went to Club fluid in illadelph...it
was off the hook, the DJ spun the best songs ever. It felt
like I was back in High School bumping the best hip hop to
ever come out..When he played Buck Em Down and The I got
cha opin Remix..i was totally open. Well Today im gonna go
see Shrek, god giving. I was supposed to go with Leener,
but im gonna go with Cesca instead. Its A.G. though..tonite
me timo and joe are bouncing over to the 5 Spot hopefully
the music will be AS good as last nite. Damn, great time.
The women were beautiful last nite, a good 5 or 6 in a club
packed with about 150 headz. The Shorty from Soma, was
there..who is a hottie.. I know Im gonna bump into her
again..mos def. The thing that Tripped me out the most at
fluid were the unisex bathrooms, i get pee shy with guys
around, nothing worse than a girl doing her hair next to
you while your peeing...nothing ever comes out. Damn alot
of pretty dope girls were out last nite. And last nite
maybe one of the better club nites ever. Definitly on my
top 5 list. If I'd of gotten laid..number one. This
dreadheaded blonde chick pissed me off..She comes up to me
and says "I'm thirsty"...I dont really like when girls
suggest that you HAVE to buy them drinks. Mami didnt raise
a fool. Well That was Last nite..see ya tommorow!