Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-04-23 00:41:49 (UTC)

I have nothing to be happy..

I have nothing to be happy about... I hear about how
everyone is happy with their boyfriend and I have no one. I
mean I have someone but I want his friend someone! Well
maybe not, I dont know. See, I figure you go for what you
can get but what if you are in love with someone and they
seem to not even wanna like you but you know different or
everyone else does. I dont know... alright lets get off
this subject!

Wow I am writing like an actually diary, something a rarily
do! Well, i would just like to mention this new girl that I
have talked to named Jenn.. I wanted to have like a shout
out to her. (hehe) Sup gurl?

Well, life really hasnt handed me anything new but I will
see as it happens. I know that it is super weird and crazy!
I feel like there is something wrong with me but I really
dont know what it is. I dont know, maybe I am in constant
fear of never finding anyone?! I dont know what to do
anymore. I mean, I really hate life sometimes and the
things it throws at me... I know everyone has their bad
days and their good days and I seem to be getting the bad
ones really hard now.

It was really random today... I am wearing a shirt that
doesnt have a back and my friend like drew an awsome
picture of a tree and it it totally awsome! And yea, I just
wanted to point that out.. (lol) I was talking to my friend
today and I dont know why I just wanted to find something
to laugh about. She is going out with someone. Which
totally makes me pissed because she always has someone or
finds someone and me, I get left in the dust. Well her dust
anyways. I mean... Yea... she went with the guy I am in
like total love with and he still cant get over her.. or he
is but he is out of relationships and all! I dont know.. I
am so stupid.. (well sometimes anyways) Well I think I am
dont writing for now.. I hope (ahahahahahahahaha)

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