Alli's Journal
2002-04-22 23:14:30 (UTC)

lemme try....

I got Brian's email addy, but we can't seem to get email
through to each other yet, LOL. Jim sang to me and I
danced with him, not embarrassing anymore!! I enjoy it so
much!!!! Then on the 14th (my birthday!!!!) I went to the
village to see Orfeh in Love,Janis with my mom and she was
ggggggrrrrrrrrreatttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orfeh f'ing
rocks!!!! She was sweet as anything too, but that's
already known!!!!! We had great seats, 3rd row!!! There
was a slip in the playbill for who was playing 'Janis' (the
speaking role) and i flipped cause i thought Orfeh wasn't
going on, but I was wrong :) After we went to the stardust
and I drove Jim (the manager who was seating people) crazy
cause I told him Brian had to be our waiter, and he was!
He came over and said happy birthday and talked for a bit.
And then he sat me in the middle of the dinner and
explained to everyone that it was my birthday and sang
happy birthday to me, and then sang a song (i forget what
it was!!!) to me while we danced together, hehehe. He's
the best!!!
My sweet 16 party is this Saturday, yay!!! I got a $150
gift certificate to SCREAMING MIMI'S in the village from my
verrrrrrry cool cousin, so I can't wait to go spend
it!!!!!! I want to buy a little orange frog with my bday
money after my bday, lol. Well I better go study for my
bio test now!!!!! goodnight!!!