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2001-05-29 18:44:39 (UTC)

:: i wouldn't go to eden ::

i wouldn't go to eden
if that would only
brings tears in my eyes

i wouldn't go to eden
if that would only
reminds me of the hurt

i wouldn't go to eden
if going there
would only makes me
harder to trust people

as it will finally
also take
the self-confidence
i have

i'd prefer
staying here
even though
it's not glittery
as it only makes me
feel wanted
and loved

i know it's not eden's fault
but what i have i learned is
no matter where i am
as long as i feel needed
warm, and secured
and as long as i'm surrounded
by the angels on earth
i will be the happiest person
and i will ask no more ...

it could be in eden
it could be here
it could be anywhere

wed - may 30, 2001
01:37 am gmt 7

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