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2002-04-22 22:44:56 (UTC)

Is it summer yet????

I dont know how much longer I can stand to be here. It is
just getting rediculas living here. I hate it so much. I
dont know if I want to be home, or if I want to be at camp,
but I dunno. I just know that I dont want to be here. I
really want to start packing so the room looks bare on my
side, and see the boxes stacked up. I hate the end of the
year. I always have. I guess I always will. Just three
weeks. thats all there is left. I gotta get out. Gotta get
away from the bitch I live with, gotta get away from the
real world, gotta go home and just chill, gotta go to the
deli and get my cheesesteak, and then chill. Gotta do
something other than be here in class. I'm going crazy.
I'm sick of talking in class, sick of writing papers, sick
of getting kicked out of the room so that bitch can have
sex with her boyfriend. Sick of her, sick of this. Its
time to go home. Blah, had to vent, and its been awhile.
well, probably will write later.


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