It smells like poop over here
2002-04-22 22:42:40 (UTC)

love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket

the bloodhound gang is everyones guilty passion, especially
listening to the bad touch really loud on saturday nights.
not that i've ever done that. im gettin pretty fed up at
algers, i think i need to get a new job. only thing is i
make some good cash at the liqour store, and i get to
say "i work at a liquor store". but some of the people
suck, such as sherry and kit, plus i think im getting a big
ego, cause im the best stock boy, but i been sittin on my
ass a lot lately, and i just don't want anything to go to
my head. kinda foolish, getting an ego over being a stock
boy. i guess everyone thinks something is stupid until they
do it themselves. greg is pretty cool now that he's started
talking. and he's getting the hang of the job. g2g, me,
matt and mom are goin out. it's kinda weird, me and my
family being together. shit happens, and so does some weird
stuff. peace.