living life
2002-04-22 22:42:09 (UTC)

what a day

So Im in a pretty good mood these days! Im over my
depressed stage for a little bit!! YAY...I hope that makes
some people happy. I only have 20 more days until I
can start my unforgetable summer!! At least I hope its
gonna be unforgettable...hhhmmm maybe!! I get to go
see the indians play on Wednesday with the boys Im
excited about that. Then I have a date this weekend with
this really cool guy, Tony. I meant him at my friend
Roger's gig that I went to on saturday, which I must say
was awesome. If you guys have the oppurtunity to go
see the band Action pAk I would recommend it. Not to
mention that the guys in the band are really HOT!! UGH!
what am I gonna do with myseld with all these hot
boys!! To bad they are all to old for me..just my luck
only boys that are to old for me like me..what's up with
that shit? Maybe I shouldn't let age get in the way but all
at the same time my parents would shit their pants.
They thought partrick was to old and I told them he was
24 when he was really 25. Man this bra is killing me.
sorry maybe that was TMI but ya know what this is my
journal and if I want to write that in there then damn it I
will...no one told you to read it...hehehe..... sorry let me
take off my bitch pants for a mintue.Ok they are off well
not really I still have my pants on!! hehehe I better go
before I get myself into trouble here. BYE