Life of Joolz
2001-05-29 17:42:43 (UTC)

Tuesday 29th May 2001

I feel so ill today-I have just come back from Amsterdam and I could
die with the vomiting and how ill I feel.I think I may have food
poisoning from the italian meal I had last night-it was taglietelle
and pesto sauce. 9.00pm-just gorron comp to send text messages-feel
crap but not as nauseous-jesus I've blown it now and overdone things-
can't keep it up anymore but its been bloody brilliant two days on
that ship. need to chill out and relax now.
cant type - been on net and feel dizzy like fuck....oh God I'm off to
bed-it's 10.00pm and I could sleep for a week. Rons asleep on setee
and says he feels shite too. very grumpy he is and no wonder coz of
me shenanigans over last two days. I wouldna go back to cabin at 2 in
morning when disco was on and stormed out onto windy deck and nearly
got blown overboard.
managed to keep tea down..just remembered I was a bitch coz I clocked
Ron with me handbag on his left ear coz he was shouting at me. I feel
terrible about that and did apologise-not like me but I was drunk. it
won't happen again I promised him but he WAS bloody horrible to us.
can't believe I did that but I just had had enough of his mythering.
I am so sorry for swinging bag like that and feel such a fool. Off to
bed now coz feel very ill all of a sudden.