Thoughts and MORE Thoughts
2001-05-29 17:22:12 (UTC)

I Hate My Job!

I work in a hospital and hate it! I get patients registered
for tests (ie.mri, ct scans, etc)..They can be so ignorant
sometimes! I understand that they are sick but I am trying
to HELP them! If there insurance information is not correct
then they will have billing problems..You would think that
this would make people be a little friendlier! But it
doesn't..I guess that is why some people have had some
serious billing problems...;-} Hmm, I wonder why? You
should have been nicer to me..At any rate, I am currently
looking to transfer to another job (one I enjoy doing that
is)within the hospital system..Hopefully that won't take
but a few months at that..But I want to do administrative
type of work..More word processing, and things like that..
I just hate everything there is about my job..These
patients are so ignorant that they cough and sneeze on you
and don't care or say excuse me or sorry! Plus some of them
have hepatitis and that is contagious..The hospital doesn't
even offer a free hep shot! Anyway, enough of my rants and
raves about hating my job for now..
I welcome any thoughts anyone has on this???