down in my eyes
2002-04-22 21:54:08 (UTC)

I can't tell my heart what to feel.

My last couple of days have been filled with nothing but
sleepless nights.. 'n days, where i wish i could just
sleep forever.
My only best escape, has always been my music.. 'N i've
been listening to Sugar Ray.. all morning 'n afternoon.
I'm feeling slightly better. Iguess, i just have to cry
my pain out, sometimes. I'm still empty tho.

I had the best time i EVER could have asked for, friday
night, at Rudiger's chain show. Not only was i
surrounded with my escape all night, 'n a kick ass show,
but i was with my FAVORITe person.
That'll be my secret nick name for him. He IS my
favorite person,.. 'n i honestly couldn't have been any
happier friday night, than i was... being WITH him.

I'm gonna miss my favorite person ALOT. I almost
wish he wasnt, so i wouldn't have to deal with this
mess. So i wouldn't have to miss him dearly. He'll
never know, but... he's always been my motivation.
He's the one i can never get enough of..
But dont tell him... Its a secret.

He wouldnt care, anyway.. :/

"Answer ..the phone..i kno that ur home..
I wanna get you alone.. 'N do it again,
Do it, again."