Dreaming Of Everything
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2002-04-22 21:18:28 (UTC)

Dazed and confused.

yeah, sorry. Eh. It's a really long story. alright..here
I'm gonna go for it.

I brought Katherine, Mello and Danny into CMT today (Danny
just to keep me from goin at the both of em) and I think it
might have made it worse, but I figured out that people are
afraid of me. That's what Mellody said. She said people
tell her a lot of stuff about me like they are mad at me a
lot but don't tell me because they are afraid to because I
make myself the martyr. But if they are mad at me and I did
something, then I would have to take the blame, and that
shouldn't make me a martyr. Do you think I do that a lot?
like appear to make myself the martyr of a situation when
all I was doing was taking the blame for my actions?
I just don't understand. I didn't do anything stupid like
you said, and I brought Danny in there with me for that
purpose, and I really needed that. *sigh*
Alright, back on track. Sorry. Nothing other than that
happend. I mean, *gr* I'm still quite mad.
So we get in there, and Katherine isn't in there yet. So
Danny goes to get her, and while that's happening, Mellody
says she's sorry to me and i'm like "ho hum" because I was
upset that she would use those choice words at a friend
even out of anger. so katherine gets in there and no one
talks, then I have to say something that makes Katherine
mad and explain why she wrote the stuff about you on the
site. Then I asked Mellody why she retaliated..and she was
like "because I was sticking up for a friend of mine" and
then katherine was all defensive in saying that you could
defend yourself. So then they got into a fight about that
for a while, and then it spanned into how Katherine was so
sure it was you. Then Mellody got mad at that. Then I said
something that I was torn between the two of them because I
used to be friends with both of them, but I feel like I was
Then I became the center of attention and then Danny was
explaining what he thought, and Mellody lashed out and said
why she got mad at me because of my away message..and then
I explained I was mad because she was interfering with
buisness that wasn't hers for the 3rd time this year with
me and I haven't been in a situation like that before so I
didn't know what else to do but be mad at someone.
So then she's telling me that people are afraid to
confront me because I blow it up into such a big deal and I
make myself look like the good guy dying for what I believe
is right. so Katherine jumps in and says "she's tellin the
truth and you gotta deal with that" and then Mellody was
talkin to Katherine about "the truth" and like 5 seconds
before the bell rings katherine says "it makes me mad that
you would use those choice words to say to her" and then
mello was sayin "i'm sure you all have used words that you
didn't want to out of anger" and then the bell rang and
that was it.

Thanks for reading. I'm still confused.