life's a bitch..it just had puppies
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2001-05-29 16:20:46 (UTC)

Schools almost out!!

well here i am, this is my first entry! yikes!, this thing
is kinda lame, my best, anna, signed me up for it. but i
think i can learn to like this. anyways we only have 2
more weeks left of school and i am currently in what we
call "dead week". this week sucks, but not as bad as
finals. im at home right now when i should be at school,
but im finishing up some stuff on my retarded term paper
and presentation for history. sometimes i cant stand
school, and i just want to fail, but then again, i think
about my future, and i dont want to mess it up like my
parents did for me, so i enrolled in gate classes, and
honor's courses so colleges will notice me. i already have
my college paid for, thanks to some comfortable
grandparents that know how to invest money. Even though i
can be thought of the laziest person ever, i do want my
kids in the future to look up to me, and thank me for all
my hard work (not like they will).

i play soccer, and i love it to death..i dont think i
will ever quit playing. if it werent for this sport and CC
i would be the fattest couch potato ever. i should be
getting back to work i only have 2 hrs to finish..byeeee!

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