Comfortably Numb

It's Just Me...
2002-04-22 20:59:22 (UTC)

April 22, 2002

Hello. Well now I don't know which is worse-falling
asleep in algebra, or not being able to remember a thing
from the class...Oh well. My 4.20 was fun as hell, but it'd
feel almost like bragging to me if I wrote out everything
that happened this weekend. That and it'd take long as
fuck. I did go to Neptune yesterday with "the couple."
Yeah...interesting, right? Bought some shit, made use of
the McDonald's parking lot and their complimentary waters.
I have a feeling I wrote here on Saturday night/Sunday
morning, but I don't remember it and since nothing of
interest happened today except my decision to borrow money
from my cousin (which is def. not a good idea) I'm gonna go
read that and see how much of an ass I was...They say you
can always tell that a junkie is lying if his lips are
moving. I wonder why that is....