Online With Patrick D. McCormick
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2002-04-22 20:47:19 (UTC)

Monday, April 22, 2002

I went camping with Robyn last night. It’s completely
platonic, if you are asking why that name keeps coming
up. It was pretty fun and last minute. It got alarming
though because we were off of this LONG dirt path in the
middle of nowhere and this car kept driving near us and
stopping. They’d get out walk around get back in and
leave, so we put out the fire and went into the tent where
we couldn’t be seen. I had no sleeping bag, I just slept
on the floor of the tent with a small bit of cover.

Well, the Crucifixation CD is done, Im hoping it sells
well. A little bit of money would be nice! The CD is
incredible all 14 tracks. Vaughn Walters and I wrote the
last song for the finishing touch of the record.

I saw the most amazing performance yesterday. The bands
name was Infectious Organisms they were experimental hip-
hop. It made me so incredibly happy. I shook their hands