2002-04-22 20:41:43 (UTC)


Today pretty good. I found out that studing for your
classes does actually help. I always knew that but i just
never did it. and i am passing once again passing all my
classes. This takes a HUGE load off my back.

31 days remain till May 23rd (graduation)

'If i get around over this one i could live again, i hate
this failing I feel im sailing down and around. It sounds
like Hell'.Albert hill
(reminds me, If i could get over 5 weeks left in
English, I can live again.)

I can do this. I can pass English. Right now i have a
79. My teacher has been Really helpful at letting me make
up all my missing work. and i did all my missing work.
And i have been doing all my work so far now. I believe
that i can pull this off. I don't want to stay another
year at high school. I have already been embarassed b.c i
failed english in 10th grade and i had been made fun of b.c
i was a senior in 11th grade english. It's not real fun.
but i made it through and i'm not doing it again. 31 days
and i Never have to do it again. ok anyway i have
to work tonight at 5 so ill be headed out.

Feel good music today: Jesus Jones"Right here, Right now"
Don't ask why....The guitar is pretty good and it's
just a feel good song. =)