Jena's Rants
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2002-04-22 19:14:04 (UTC)

Religion is destroying the world.

Only an idiot would think that religion enhances life.
Spirituality is a totally different issue mind you,
exploring the inner essence of life and its deeper meaning
for you as an individual is beautiful and I think would
only unite people in accepting their differences and so
on. But religion! That is something completely different.
The role of religion is that of the slayer. Finally some
justice is being done. The fall of the Catholic Church is
definitely a step in the right direction, and of all things
to cause it's collapse - pedophilia! That's ironic and
extremely laughable! Perhaps real freedom is to be able to
discard religion like an expired cup of yogurt and to move
on and re-examine the deeper issues, to realize that we
have fewer differences and many more things in common.