Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-04-22 18:41:34 (UTC)

4:20 Weekend

This Saturday I saw Murder By Numbers with Sandra
Bullock and Michael Pitt. I'm absolutely obsessed with
Michael Pitt, so this was a very wonderful experience. For
anyone who doesn't recognize the name, you may remember him
from Hedwig and The Angry Inch as Tommy Gnosis...mmmmm...
The movie was pretty good, but I may only think that
because of Michael. It got a C in reviews. After the
movie, we hung out at home until it was time to go to the
bookstore. Laura was hosting a night of the Poetry
Festival, so there was a LOT of people there, probably at
least 20, maybe even 30 (usually a busy night would be
about 6 people!). I played 3 songs- 2 originals and a Tori
song. I was so nervous about the amount of people crammed
in there that I thought I was going to throw up. But I
didn't, and I got a lot of compliments on my songs, so I
think it went pretty well.
I had very little hope of celebrating 4:20 the proper
way, because we haven't had weed in at least a week, but
Noah randomly showed up at our house with ice-a-ma-cream,
and happily smoked all of us out (Me, Ry, Garrett(!), and
Daniel). I was sooooo stoned!!! It was the best! I was also
drinking Boone's Hard Lemonade. Crossfader! It was the
perfect 4:20. My favorite cultural holiday. I hung out with
Ry, Garrett, Noah, Laura, Daniel, Bonnie, Michaela, and
even Shelby. Katie's 5 and a half months pregnant, so she
obviously wasn't with Shelby. It was a great night.
I didn't do anything except smoke free weed with
Daniel and Ry yesterday. Sheryl gave it to us (Shelby's
mom), because Shelby wasn't home to hook us up. It was a
relaxing day. We ordered pizza from 2 for 1 and Jared
delivered. That was wierd... Him and Jeni broke up, and
supopsedly he dumped her for someone even younger! She was
15 and he was 19 when they first started going out a couple
of years ago, and it was kind of wierd then, and now he
left her for one of Shelby's little sister's friends, who
is also about 15. Maybe even 14, who the hell knows. But
he's about 21 now...
That's about it. I'm going to get a tattoo, but I
haven't yet, so that's not news yet...