No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-04-22 18:34:57 (UTC)

I cant talk lol

The funniest thing happened today. In ROTC we were going
over First Aid. 1SG asked me to read a slide and we were
just talking about how CPR wasn't going to be taught
because some people will use it as an excuse to kiss. Well,
I was reading "Apply direct pressure" instead of saying
pressure i said plessure and it sounded a lot like
pleasure. Everyone was laughing inciluding me. I don't
think I have even been so red in my life. lol. It was so so
funny and people were teasing me all class long. I didn't
mean it to come out that way!
I'm getting sick of people talking about my friends. I
asked this one girl why she said stuff about my friend and
she said "everyone gets talked about it's something you
have to get use to" i was angry.
Dad's are awesome then they die. My dad was so cool, I
loved him and looked up to him. I wasn't embarrased of him
or anyhting. Then he had a mid-life crisis and cracked.
What happens to the good people?
I love you my SISTER Lisa! :)