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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2000-12-22 04:15:09 (UTC)

Ever go out with someone but..

Ever go out with someone but its sorta like a long distance
relationship although you see that person everyday?
Alright, now that most of you think I'm crazy I'm going to
explain what I mean...

I'm going out with this girl, and I see her every day at
school, but shes a basketball superstar as I like to put it
so we never really get to hang out because shes got
basketball EVERY day except Sunday and Sunday is the only
day I get to practice with my band. I talk to her EVERY night on AOL
and rarely on the phone. (I'm not a big phone person) Now your
probably thinking "make the best of your time together, shmucko!" but
thats the thing, out "time" together is only like 20
minutes a day. We don't have any classes together we only
get to see each other in the very morning before homeroom,
after a period and then again at the end of the day. And
sometimes I get to see her before lunch. It kinda sucks
because we see each other for times a day for like 30
seconds each time because then one of us has to run off and
get to a class. It sucks, I don't know what exactly I
should do. Basketball's over in a couple of months, and I
am in love with her, or atleast I think I am, I've only
known her a couple of months... but it seems like alot
longer. We used to hang out all the time and make out all
the time :-) (sorry, I had to mention that). But now we
don't get to do ANYTHING... EVER! And its really hard, but
I may as well stick with it because I'm in love with her,
and she's in love with me. Shes such a cutie!

Well, thats about it... until next time....
Pasta La Pizza