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2002-04-22 17:31:36 (UTC)

sleepless hours

yeah...this is one of my very old sickness(did i use the
right word here?) and it attacked me nowadays AGAIN? what
else? my insomia! *ugh*...whew! i really dunno what is the
reason behind this thing but I am so thankful to the Lord
Almighty that even though Ive been having a hard time
getting rid of it, still i am able to manage to do things
that i should be doing on time...

first is prayer...well...having a lil sleep or mostly no
sleep at all...i always pray to Him to help me survive my
workshift and give extra strength in order to work and
think efficiently...been in the graveyard shift for my almost 3 years stay in this company (SAI)
almost 60% of it, I was/am on graveyard shift.

next, i can still manage to have a small talk with my
family during breakfast and have some time to call and say
hi to go online for my netfriends...

i dont understand what's really bothering my heart, my mind
and my soul...errr should i say...they just dont know what
to do and how to think about "things". yeah
thingsssss....a lot of thingssss....

oh well...Thanks Jesus for staying in me...I am surviving...

1:29 AM