Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
2002-04-22 17:17:27 (UTC)

...learn it, live it, love it...

So, I had an eventful weekend. It mostly started on Friday
night when I went to hang out with some people I knew in
college. Notice how I don't really use the word friends in
this case. These are just people I knew in college. You
know, the ones you had in all your classes, but never
really talked too. And now, that everyone's out of
college, there's always someone making these lame-ass
attempts to get everyone back together for happy hour and
talk about the good ole days. Only me, there weren't any
good ole days. For me, college was just that annoying time
between working and sleeping three years ago.

And yet I go to these things. I think it's mainly for
some remorse for not having been part of that crowd and
lifestyle when I had the chance. But, when I come home
from one of these happy hours, I always feel better;
because I realize that I really didn't miss anything.

I usually pride myself in my patheticness. However, when
I'm around these guys, I can't even do that. At 24, I can
usually be in any crowd and easily be the most pathetic one
there, still being a virgin at 24. But with these guys,
I'm one among many (virgins, that is). Hell, these guys
are usually asking me for advice. What the fuck is that?

So, I drank heavily. And it wasn't to bad on the wallet
too, because the bar we went to was promo-ing a new drink
called Bacardi Silver and set down two free six packs at
our table.

We move forward to Saturday afternoon, when I finally wake
up. I watch a little Sopranos, and talk on the fucking
phone forever before heading out again. My friend and I go
out with these two women (just friends, of course...isn't
that how it always turns out?); and they want to go to
Times Square. This place is maxy-zoom-dweeby crappy. If
you ever want to knw what happens to frat boys and so-hos
after college, go there. All the mysteries of the greek
world are explained at this place.

So after all that inane purity and wholesomeness. I was in
need of some serious sinning. So, of course, last night I
head out to the Church for a little debauchery. There was
this girl there, in a glossy vinyl nun's outfit with a slit
down the middle revealing a nice black thong. The music
was blaring as she was dancing, but the only thing I heard
was Wayne Campbell going "She will be mine...oh yes...she
will be mine.."

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