The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-04-22 14:58:06 (UTC)

Spring Break is OVER!!!! ahhh

well Spring break has gone bye bye! and i am back, well
lets see i worked monday-Thursday and then My mom, Dad,
sister, and i went to Toronto and got to see The Lion King!
for my birthday!! OMG the musical WAS THE BEST!!!! it was
soooo good i recommend it too EVER ONE!!!!
umm nothing much else happened,I dont like this sudden COLD
and the HOT weather!..oh and yesterday i took my cousins to
The Chill and Grill were we got REALLY REALY REALLY BIGGGG
ice cream cones! Thank you Ashley for showing me were The
Chill and Grill was/is! oh well i think we should go down
to the chill and grill someday as a group and get REALLY
big ice cream cones!!! oh well SAT's are in two weeks! and
the the Junior Prom is only in Three weeks! ummm...well i
think tha tis all i can really write b/c i have basically
run out or things to talk about!
so buh bye
~love yall