Older person getting older: Thoughts
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2001-05-29 12:29:03 (UTC)

A Good Day to be a Duck

I write this morning as notice to the days birth. As I
walked to the house, from a long nights work. I noticed my
rose bush had begun to bud and bloom. I saw the dew laid
upon the grass. I breathed the fresh air; looked to the
sky, and smiled. "Its a good day" I thought. I entered the
house and excused the sitter from his nights watch. The
children still sleeping in their beds. I make my drink,
open the windows and doors. I think once more "Its a good
I sit at the computer; half writing, half gazing at the
sights. I hear the early calls of birds and distant cars. I
light my smoke and drink my swig. Certaintly "this is a
good day".
My daughter rises from her slumber, a kiss, a hug and she
lays on the couch for her first fix; Barney. Soon after my
son shows face, "Hi daddy", he mumbles and takes his place
next to his sister. "Thank you God" I pray "Its a good day".
A yell to stop, comes from the living room. The kids are
fighting again. One screams "No?" the other yells "Yes!" I
here the smack and soon the cry. I jump and question
sturnly "What's the problem?"
"Bubby won't share the blanket" my daughter excuses.
I think one final thought "Its a good day to be duck".
"Yes, It surely is".