The Tiger's Flame
2001-05-29 11:50:03 (UTC)

i'm so happy 2day!!!

yes i am happy 2day, and if u're not then tough!!! lol,
lol, lol. just kiddin.
neways i don't have a reason to be happy, in fact i
shouldn't be happy at all coz my exams r in 5 or 6 days,
but i don't care!!!!
some looser was pranking my phone yesterday and i got a bit
pissed off, but i think i know who it is now!!!
i still don't have pitp tickets, but im sure i'l get one in
the last minute, i mean last year i got tickets 2 weeks
before the show, so i hope i get lucky this year. i really
really wanna go tho. i don't know who else is gonna be
there, but weatus are!!!! ok, i think i'l change the
subject now coz that's a bit old. i don't remember
mentioning this b4, but if i have, just read it again. i
wanna put blue streaks in my hair i think it will look so
kewl, but i have to wait 4 the other colours to grow out
1st. i don't wanna dye my hair black to get rid of the
other colours coz i was reading this article on britney
spears in the newspaper the other day saying how she has to
shave all her hair off otherwise she'll go bald by the time
she's 20. (long sentence i know!) so i was thinking, i
don't wanna go bald, i'm still young, so i'm waiting for
the other stuff to grow out then i'l dye it. btw i don't
know if that article is true, so if ur a britney fan, don't
come yelling to me saying "its a rumour, its a rumour" ok
coz frankly i don't care and i was using it as an example.
neways time for me to go now coz my eyes are feeling ill, i
think it was because of my glasses. that reminds me, i
wanna get contacts, i got some last year but they're out of
date now, so i have to get new ones. the ones i got last
year where green and tahts kewl coz it meant that i could
see better and have beautiful eyes at the same time. i
wanna get green again coz it suits me so well, but i was
thinking of getting blue this time to go with the blue
streaks im gonna put in. or maybe i should just get
clear. but the thing is i've never used clear contacts b4,
so i won't be used to them. coz when u wear coloured
contacts, u know when it goes out of place coz it goes
blurry coz of the colour, but that doesn't happen with
ok im definetly going now, sorry for the essay. b4 i go,
how do u spell shinny??? it like this: shinny or this
shinney or this shiny ??? pls help, i was getting confused
yesterday. see how im gonna fail english!!
neways, ciao, for those of u who don't know, ciao mean bye
and hello in italian. and fyi, i don't speak italian(i
speak a little french tho, but the last time im ever gonna
have to think, speak and write french again is 13th June,
wooohooo)ciao just sounds good when i say it.

so Ciao, au revoir,adios, byeeee, see ya!!!

~*~the beautiful starla~*~ (does that sound like i'm big
headed and 'i'm-a-gorgeous-pop-star' or is it fine??)

*love peace happiness makes the world go round­©* (moi)