Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-22 10:34:16 (UTC)

Grooagh! Headache.

Nothing even remotely exciting over the last two days to
report. A little watching the footy on telly yesterday,
resulting in a lost ten minutes where we were
chanting "tension Mandela" at the screen.

A little footy in the park.

A few washed clothes.

About 5 new albums (Mum&Dad - awesome, Jane Weaver -
beautiful, El Guapo - odd, The Style Council - Weller)

Cut eyelid. Difficult to do, but I was looking at a bloke
whose spit was black.

And nothing of any note.

Lecture soon. Au revoir.

WILT? Jane Weaver - Like An Aspen Leaf (The song, on the
same-titled album)