This is me...trying to find myself.
2001-05-29 11:24:06 (UTC)

Just some more shit....

I have an exam today. Woohoo! Math. Ihate it but its
my best subject. If that makes any sense what-so-ever.
This really sucks. I feel like shit and its my week of
exams. Fun fun fun. I'm coughing, My eyes are all red from
my allergies my nose is all stuffed up, and I'm extremely
With Emily and Michele mad at me, and Genevieve's
usual pool party coming up, I probably won't be going. Lol.
Me ashley K, Danny and Jimmy went to see the Mummy Returns
on Saturday and liek we sat in the back of the theater and
were like talking the entire time. This one like 15 year
old chick came up to us and was like if you guys don't shut
up then you can leave...or something like that. And then
some like 40 year old lady was like I payed good money for
this. But i didn't hear her and so I asked danny what she
said and he told me. And like i don't know if the lady
heard me but I was like "As apposed to bad money?" It was
sooo funny.
And then towards the end of the movie that lady who
was tlaking about her good money got up and Danny was like
fuck she's goign to get the manager and i was like "Quick
move, she'll never know. Lol. Then that lady came back sat
down and the manager came up to us and was like do oyu have
an adult here with you? We all said no and then she was
like if you guys don't calm down, Im goign to have to
remove you from the theater.
Lol. I was like really tempted to say that i payed
good money for this movie...
I hate to spoil the movie for all of oyu who are
actually reading this but like this one chick dies. Some
other chick stabs hger in the i started
laughing. Then that lady that dies is brought back to
life...Really? How fucking cheesy is that? But anyways then
when the chick that stabbed her dies....she like falls into
the crack of hell....hahaha....i luaghed agian.
I think I pissed a lot of people off by laughing at
the scary and funny parts....Oops!
Well anyways i have to go finish getting ready for
Oh. But like after the movie...on our way out we saw
Emiyl S., Emily G., and Emilia. NAd like Ashley and Emily
S.,(the one thats pissed at me) were tlkaing and Emily was
like "Oh hey, Cailtin. Your mom is outside waiting." And
like she said it all nice and she wasn't being all Blah
about it. I was thinking huh? Weren't you like pissed at
me? As in like don't talk to me and less your goign to yell
at me?? Lol.
It was funny....well i'm goign now......