2002-04-22 09:51:28 (UTC)

Whatever U Want Fool

This world is really fucked up and wrong. I saw a dead
baby once and from that moment on I decided it was a fact
that this place is doomed beyond repair. I feel like we
have ruined this place with all our human qaulities, and
that it is rapidly deteriating each moment.
I think that drugs are sheer and precise slaps from the
devil himself. And lets give him a hand folks ain't he
Cats will eat you if you should fall upon fatal misfortune
in their company. Dogs will not eat you, unless they
already hate you and caused your untimely death themselves
for obvious reasons.
dogs forgive and cats just over look your flaws.

Did you know that humans are the only creatures that drink
the milk of another mammal.

How long is the average human able to survive without food
or water under normal conditions? Any Body Know?
I didn't think so. You are all tin followers. Folks with
no fear of god and you are in such a hurry to make life
more convenient that you have no clue what a rose even is,
let alone what one might smell like!
slow down and watch with me, watch as this nutty fucked up
world comes to a crashing halt and reality arrives! Won't
you watch with me?