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2002-04-22 07:56:48 (UTC)


My Dad's friend kissed me on the lips. =( I told my family
I don't feel comfortable around him. They said that their
family is friendly. My Aunt said he's just very
flirtatious. I tell them there is a difference between
friendly and kissing me on the lips. My Dad said that him
and his wife try to do that to him but he always gives them
the cheek. So I pass it off as a friendly gesture and just
keep my distance. Then when saying thank you for coffee, he
comes over and I do the polite thing by kissing him on he
cheek but he kisses me again. While doing so, I tell
myself "here he goes with the kiss-thing." THEN he sticks
his tongue in my mouth!!! Utterly disgusted and not knowing
what to do I just push him away and say "NO!" So he starts
to leave. I watch him leave satisfied he got the picture.
He looks back at me and asked for atleast a hug. Thinking
that that's all he wanted I do so like any kid would hug an
adult ...but he slides his hand up and down my back under
my shirt. I push him away and slam/lock the door on him. I
tell my Grandma first, then my Brothers, my Mom, who in
turn tells my Dad. I didn't know what to do when he did
that cuz he's my father's friend who is in the middle of
doing quite a few renovations on the house AND I was alone
and afraid he might try to slip other things in me. Atleast
now I know better than to keep quiet about these things.
Just because he's my father's friend doesn't mean he has
any privileges to me!!! Unfortunately because he's the
older brother of my dad's best friend, he's still around. I
won't be. If he comes to the door I won't answer it.
Home isn't safe anymore.