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2002-04-22 06:24:38 (UTC)

about that

Do you think that those who have passed on before us, and
have made it to heaven....can look down on us to check on
how we're doing? At this point in time I kinda hope not.
I can't allow myself to really think these days b/c I'm so
disappointed in myself. This semeser, year...has pretty
much been a round of failures for me. I'm disappointed in
myself, and I hate to think of how I would try to explain
things to my grandparents...especially my granddad. He
used to sit in his recliner, and during the ballgame or
whatever it was on the tv...ask me how things were going in
school, what was going on in general. No matter what....he
would tell me to keep in the game, not hang my head, not to
worry, and not to give up. Above all....don't worry. I
think I should remember that now. But I'm not sure how
when things look so bleak. I have nothing to look forward
to. I'm a complete slacker who can't remember anything
these days. I'm not doing well in anything. Not sure how
I will at this point...in either direction that my life
Just wait and see.