the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-04-22 05:59:42 (UTC)

once again i have been lied to..

once again i have been lied to
well i guess i shouldnt count on the male gender
i have given all of you too much faith and trust and credit
for that matter
i was bought a plane ticket to houston for this summer as
all of you know of should know and i was extactic but what
do i find out less than an hour ago
i dont have anywhere to sleep so im most likely not going
the one person that i was so excited about getting to see
and i cant bc arthur is a dumbass and an idiot and well a
jerk as far as that goes
men are so predictable i never in a million years should
have believed that everything wold be fine
but anyways

enough bitching about the fucked up gender

meggs---im worried about you i know i shouldnt b/c you are
scared to death and i should be strong for you but i dot
know what to do
i dont know what i woudl do without you

g---i dont know what to say other than we arent even the
least bit close anymore
and it hurts to know that you arent around
busyor not i still make time for people
but its whatever when you have time for me then let me know

chris--not that yo ever read this bc you dont but i really
wish you would make up your mind if we are gonna date then
you need to quit playing games and tell me what you want
its getting old
and im about out of my forgiving stage im closer to my not
taking anymore shit stage

i spoke to my Wesley this wekend and i may be going down
there this summer he wants me to he wants to se anout
hooking me up with one of his guy frineds he says wed be
perfect im gonna see i wuld liek to find someone but
anyways im out for the night
i love you all
bye bye