ahoy hoy
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2002-04-22 05:38:25 (UTC)

Black and White Ball

yesterday was pretty fun my ex roomate Yvonne came and
visited for the weekend it was nice, on saturday (yesterday)
we went shopping in berkeley that was fun. ilove to shop.

oh i was so angry on the way back to school we rode the
school's van that takes us back anf orth from mills to
berkeley and we got the evil bitch of a driver named mary
evil mary. this driver has the worst attitude ever she is so
mean and grouchy all the time. well she totally punked me.
i was so sad. i said something like" what do i look like
rich" and the angry whore thought i said bitch and she was
all like " blah blah blah i wont be having none of that blah
blah blah" well i wasnt go to take that especially since i
dint say anything wrong so am like" i said rich not bitch"
well i was quiet for a while. me and y vonne are the only
ones on the van, well me and yvinne start talking about
moulon rougue and i like sang the first two lines of the
sound of music " the hills are a live with the sound of
music" thats all i sang i was making fun of the movie well
the evil old hag of a driver turns around and tells us off
totally insulting us, dude why was she listening to us she
has her nasty crappy music playing. an i was not speaking to
loud and god knows i can get loud but i wasnt so that
totally pissed me off. she was just hella rude

hmm well later that nigiht was when the fun began. well it
wasnt really fun but it was better than nothing. we had a
dance at school it was ok it the 2nd one that i have been
to the first one i didnt pay i sneaked in it was rteally bad
i was there for like 20 min before i really wanted to go,
well this one ewas way better they had food an we got to
dress up all nice it was formal, The black and dwhite ball,
all the people in the group that i went with wore red
including my self, only two girls didnt wear red and that
was milinda a friend of elaine (m they have known each other
for a long time) and lauren . it was ok fun i mean it helped
that i had a couple of drinks before getting to the ball. i
dont think i would have had much fun sober. i was supriced
that not alot of people went since its like theonly actual
good dance all year long.

ahh i need to study i have a test tom. a developmental
psychology test. i hate those test they are so annoying. i
have already studied for 4 hours this is a break i better do

ahhhh am so stressed am tired to hmmm i thinkam going to
take a nap and wake up at 12 midnight and continue studing
thats a 2 hour nap hmm maybe hm no am waking up at 1 so i
can havea 3 hour nap

well tata