The Xdruggie Files
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2002-04-22 05:30:54 (UTC)

A is for Ambien

Been having a lot of using dreams...was in a really bad
place. Last dream was about me getting ambien of all
things....I got into school. That was pretty cool. I am
excited about being a social worker. I have seen tony. It
almost ruined my night, but then we started talking and
then we had sex...and then he said he would call me...which
he hasn't...of course and that was yesterday that he was
supposed to call. He owes me like $150 dollars. I guess i
will never see it again....I feel very used and played.
Treat me like shit and i will beg for more. Did i mention
my roommate and my shrink tell me it's the danger involved
with tony that makes me want to date him? I love psychosis
in a person...it's very hot LOL. Anyway picked up a
workbook for sex and relationship issues. I am the
posterchild for sex and love addicts anonymous.

Next on the list. R is for Relapse.


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