Jordan West

Nocturnal Etheria
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2001-05-29 08:46:31 (UTC)

"all over you" -- live

our love is
like water
pinned down and abused
for being strange

i love this quote. its so tragically powerful, to the
point that its triumphant. the image of being tied down and
abused is contrasted with the image of water, b/c it can't
be tied down. if you try to tie water down, it just
slitheres out of reach and hardly skips a beat.

i was thinking about this b/c i was just telling a friend
of mine about the shit i had to put up w/ this year at
school for being bi. and the more people hated me for being
out, the more out i was. as jordan says in gi jane "the
more people try to fuck with me the more i want to gut it
out". so 'our love' in that context can apply to the
perservering love of the lbgt/other community that is
looked down upon and used for a reason for persecution. the
more you try to hold us down, the more we're going to fight

and on a more personal level, my relationship with my
girlfriend could also be considered strange. for one thing,
she's a woman, so automatically its made more difficult.
but in addition, we live in different states, at least for
the rest of the summer. but, the more problems we have to
deal w/ because of the distance, the stronger it makes us
and we become like water, weaving in and out of whatever
obstacles we're faced with.

i know that sounds trite, and i don't like to think of
myself as chronically corny, but i really do believe its

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