Lizzy 8oP

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2001-05-29 07:45:39 (UTC)

Monday, May 28, 2001 @ 11:44pm

Dear Diary:
Well life has been took a big twist since my last entry, starting with my boyfriend. As you know me and Bri have been dating for some months now and we have been having problems, I recently found out he has another girl in NY, that hit me pretty hard because I was out of the country at the time when my friend Melissa, who often travels to NY told me about it about a week ago. I dunno why I don't hate him for lying to me about Tiffany (that's the girl name) but sometimes I think I understand. I have had kind of the same experience with my last bf, who I though I was in love with and he ended up cheating on me with a "close" friend for about 2 months and I only found out because she got pregnant by him and both of them told me about her pregnancy in my face! of course I beat the crap out of him. the thing that gets me mad about this whole situation ifs if he was not ready to take this relationship to the next level why did he proposed for it in the first place that's what makes me mad and sad at the same time. The problem is that he lives all the way across country and with me traveling around really does not help much either and he must feel lonely, I talked to him yesterday night and he told me the same thing and for the first time since we started dating he told me he loved me but with me traveling around it was going to be hard to keep this relationship going forward. I really don't know what to do im just sooo confused. Well lets change the topic I recently finished HS one of the positive things that have happened in my life recently and im happy that im attending my HS ceremony finally im doing something I really wanted to do since I started this crazy lifestyle. Also recently I have been talking to my best friend he is having problems with his family which really makes me really sad about the whole family situation he is going through, but the problem is that he is moving out the day he graduates which really worries me he has no idea where he wants to move or nothing he say's he is just going to move with the flow, I don't want that for him, so im going to ask him to go travel with me for a while since im preparing to promote my upcoming single and album. b But now their si a problem that Bri is jelous of Willy and he does not want me to travel around with him, what makes him think he can tell me what to do after what he did to me!. But of course im not going to listen to him, Willy is my best friend and I should not leave him alone w/this problem and so im just going to support him. But all my problems do not end their me and my stepdad are having problems again because of my choice of carrer in my "young" age. I really don't consider my self so young if what I have gone through life with, but thats just an opinion not the real truth. Well I really have to go now Diary I will try to update you more often.
~ Lizzy ~