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Can't Keep Me Down
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2001-05-29 06:45:24 (UTC)

Another Squeezey Week Ahead

Well Nats gone now, and only a month before Penny leaves
for the UK also. Pen also said she'd like to spend all her
spare time with me before she goes... I honestly do think i
am one of the reasons she is leaving for UK, maybe not so
much Natalie (although she did say that once), but it will
give her time and distance away from me to sort herserlf

I think we're gonna get a vid and take-out tonite, she's
working on our logo's so hopefully i won't get any
of "those" looks from Lou or Chris. I can't stand "those"
looks, as if to say "You slut, you've got another girl over
tonite, do they know about each other? etc etc". Recently
though, i havent been getting of them, and after all Lou
did say she didn't care who i had over (even though she
doesn't approve).

Julz is coming over tomorrow nite, i haven't seen her in
two weeks, the olds really like her... she's like a breath
of fresh air when she walks in. I usually ask before Jules
comes over but i don't wanna ask today when pen is over.

Thursday gotta help mum move into her place @ Narraweena
with ol Italian Jim (that guy is a crack up - bet she
drives mum mad). Aunty Martha is very sick, i hope she
pulls through this again.. God bless her!

Then Friday its off to Melbourne! Yaaay, can't wait.. its
gonna go off!! I wanna hit Johnson St - Its where all the
latin clubs are! :)

Betta get back to work..

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