2002-04-22 02:48:40 (UTC)

April 21st, 2002...9:35

Teresa will flip when she see's I was so bored that I
wrote, I think this is my 4th entry for today. Yikes!!!
Well anyway, here's what happened...

I got pissed. So I took a shower until the water went cold
on me. (About an hour) Later I ate and watched an old
recording of SNL. I'm finding out that Chicago is a big
place on improv. I should have known that since I've lived
here for 8 1/2 years! But anyway... Later I ate and went to
sleep. I just woke up.

Guess what! Those idiots that didn't want me to drive are
now stuck without my help and an only bigger mess. HAHAHA!
Loosers. It's getting hard to walk through the hallway. I
don't think my brothers have even started with their mess.
Or if anything, they haven't been boxing anything, and
everything seems to be in the middle of their room.

I'm pissed off. Today was a waste. I don't like wasting
time. Much less a WHOLE DAY!!! There are also so many
little things that piss me off constantly. I'm getting a
way where I wanna do things my way. Not the way my mom does
them. I just prefer it when I do things. It's the tinniest
things. For example: When I was eating, I didn't make the
salad and she beat me to it. She always makes salad with
these big chunks of tomatoes which I don't like. I prefer
either one of those small tinny tomatoes, or rather non at
all. Plus she puts on way too little dressing that all you
taste is the salad. (Through experimentation, my taste buds
have been led to a way which is more beneficial to them.)
Yes, I guess everybody is a critic. Teresa just came in.
Later dudes!