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2002-04-22 02:17:29 (UTC)

Yay for being home

Well, housesitting is over and done with. I didn't let the
cat sleep on the bed last night like he did the night
before because all night long he was scratching and moving
and annoyed the crap out of me. I woke up at 6 this
morning to a face full of smelly doggy slobber. This is
the closest I've come to someone kissing me awake. Sad and
pathetic. Oh well.

Long day at the Parade of Homes. Today was the last day.
I'm glad. It was fun, and I liked talking to all the
people, but it's standing in the kitchen of this house for
8 hours and it gets really old very fast. So, I now have
to wait to hear about bartending.

Travis is home, and that's cool. He's a neato kid. In
other kid news, Brandyn (the 4 year old) saw my messy room
and told me that I have to clean it up or I get no dinner.
It makes me think that he's heard that before. Yup.

I have cramps. And I'm very full. So, I believe I shall
leave you now, the 2 of you who read this *grinning*. Have
a good evening....I'm gonna go take Brandyn's advice.


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