World of Abstract Concrete
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2002-04-22 02:04:46 (UTC)

my wry ally

My PANIC button isn't working!I'm going to work harder next
time, right? Do i mind that i'm not the child i once was.
That ball of ambition only had so much. Nobody told me i
should have spread it out rather than using it all in my
younger years. Now i'm left high and dry: hopeless. From
here on out i'm going to work hard-except when someone asks
me to talk with them, a family member is over, when my dog
is acting up, when my dog is looking acceptionally
adorable, when i get an urge to clean my room, when i have
an inspiration to write, when i have a feeling that someone
interesting is on the internet (even the weird-Os,)when
i'm eating, when my dad walks through the door, when it's
time to shower, when i think about rambling like i am right
now, when i decide to jump in the shower, when I sketch out
come backs to feed to my dog, or when watch paint dry. If
you couldn't follow that, it's amazing...welcome to my
I know a fickle person who thinks he has a conservative
style- he doesn't. he dresses a lot like other people but
thinks he is an individual who isn't influenced by
others. he is. My friend's sister came home one night and
he flirted with her until he decided he couldn't keep
he's eyes open. What is wrong? he doesn't exist completely

Your root breaks everytime you get over someone. It only
breaks off of what has been grown stronger.