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2002-04-21 23:38:16 (UTC)


Let me open by saying, PROM 2002 SUCKED! I didn't expect
too much and I didn't get much at all. I can't really
explain why I felt that way about it, but I don't think I
will have the best memories about prom. In some ways, I
wish I would have chose someone else to go with. Don't get
me wrong, I was okay w/ Keyon.....I just think it would
have been better for me if I would have gone w/ someone
else. I feel awful for feeling like that. After prom was
dull too. Now, I expect much more from that....but things
never turn out right........that's all I have to say about
Prom. Can you see how aggravated I am about the whole
Anyway, I wrote a poem on the way back from Atlanta....it
goes like this:

I was in love with the presence of you
We laughed and smiled and had our fun
But now the silence has begun
It's the routine that comes along
Forgive me if I'm being wrong
I feel like there is no ear to listen to my pain
And the tears of disappointment is all it can bring
I know nothing is promised, but I thought you were there
Come to find out, you never intended to really care

My heart yearns for you, but I cannot go through
Because I can no longer be in love with the presence of you.