The lost little girl
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2002-04-21 23:10:28 (UTC)

memory of a goldfish---

i am a little pissed cuz i just got into a fight with my
mother over a goddamn fan i had on in my room that made " an
annoying noise" against my floor apparently ..but you
wouldn't want me to get more pissed off than i am
already..so lets move on...
went to jimmie's last night with crystal and chris..and lets
just say i don't really remember much. like i remember
getting up for a cig. around 5 am and i remember getting
really warm then really cold and i remember the fuckin'
cat..and i remember jimmie coming in to wake me up and
crystal too..then after that all i can remember is getting a
chocolate shake from chris...and that is where my knowledge
ends.it's like a cliff..it just falls straight down at that
well i don't know what else to write so i'm just gonna leave
you here...i will talk to you all later..and i'm sure this
week my diary will be a lot more interesting cuz all my
friends who are in school have vacation this week so i think
i will be doing a lot more.YAY..anyway...i guess i'll
go...byebyebye- love you- janie

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"WTF was that?...omg it's fuckin' Shanue"