spaghettios and life

life is too broad a meaning
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2002-04-21 22:45:05 (UTC)

this one time....

ok so this one time, my mom was like walking around the
house and stuff...just doing nothing and im in the office
on the computer. out the office window you can see the
front yard and the street. so anyways my mom walks outside
and i look and shes doing a cartwheel on our lawn. thinking
no ones looking i guess, she raises her arms and
says "tada" and then walks back to the house. she sees me in
the window and starts laughing..."umm ok mom why?" "because
i still can!" and i thought it was great. random
acts...very random acts. i loved it, i never want to grow old in
spirit..or whatever that crap is that makes you feel young and
happy. then again, i am young now..where is all my happiness? i do
feel it sometimes...i do, but later on i know that happiness is only
temporary. i hate being alone to think.