The Devious mind of devildolly
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2001-05-29 04:07:24 (UTC)

welcome to the fold

Yesterday I went to Jitters to meet up with a person who's
interested in my religion. Jitters is a coffeehouse and so
I figured it would be a good idea you know have some drinks
and talk. Well I guess I should have saved my lecture for a
more private place. Why is it that people can talk about
god and the bible openly in public and how the love the
lord and he’s our savior and on an on, but when I express
to someone else things that will help them in the pagan
religion and things that are true for us I get scorned and
snickered at. I’m really sick of people telling me all I
need to is to go to church. I was baptized Catholic and was
raised as so. I went to Catholic school in Mexico and went
to church regularly. I remember as a child going to church
and crying my eyes out while there because the priest made
me feel like I was a bad person and that I was going to
hell no matter what I did. I know that not all organized
religions are like that but that has led me to believe that
God or Jesus is not my cup of tea. I know that people
believe I’m going to go to hell but if that’s so then I
will greet everyone who comes to hell with a smile once
they arrive. Sort of like a welcoming committee. I know
people fear what they don’t know, but that doesn’t mean you
should chastise someone for what they believe in. I don’t
know maybe I’m just sick of bible thumpers and the freaking
Jehovah witnesses. I have nothing against them but when
they come to my door and tell me I’m wrong for what I
believe then its they who are wrong for judging me because
I do believe that the bible says that god is the only one
who can offer final judgement. anyway, enough venting for