Queen Bee

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2002-04-21 19:47:11 (UTC)

stupid fights.

Me and b/f have turned into lips and raven. we keep
fighting about stupid things, like him always sounding like
hes telling me what to do which i know he isnt but im dumb.
and then the other day he said he never wanted to marry me
and i got pissy, and he said that he didnt want to marry ne
mow but he thinks it would be "peachy" in his words if we
got married but not until the future but i thought he never
wanted to marry me cuz there was something wrong with me.
Hes the only guy i've ever thought of like that and i took
it a lot harder than i thought i would. it was very odd,
but yeah. we keep getting into these dumb fights, like last
night, he called me a bitch by accident and i know he didnt
mean to say it and he apologized like 16,000 times and i
forgave him of course but then he started bitching about
how he was such an ass to me and how i should break up with
him, but the truth is hes the only b/f i ever had that
treats me as good as he does. he actually treats me like a
person, my other b/f's i was an obligation, something they
needed to do just so they could get what they wanted, which
im not quite sure what that was, but they never loved me
although they might say they did but they didnt.love its a
very fickle thing, i have so many people claiming they're
in love with me right now i barely knpw what the word
means. and the fact that im only in love with one person
actually keeps me grounded, and knowing he loves me back
keeps me somewhat sane.