my so called life
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2002-04-21 19:25:32 (UTC)

Lucky Love

Tamta daaa..
Ben is my boyfriend!!!!

He's been interessted (we didn't use the term 'in love
with'..) in me since before Christmas.. Yesterday we
started making out and I was like hold it.. We can't keep
doing this. If this means nothing, then you'll have to stop
right now. And he didn't say anything.. I was like shit..
Then I said that I didn't want to stop, but if this was
nothing to him, then he would have to stop this. 'If it
meant nothing, it should have stopped a long time ago..'
So he didn't want to stop :)
After a while I asked 'Does this mean I can kiss you when
I'm sober?'
- Yeah :)
Hihi :)
So now everything's pretty great :)
My parents were at our cabin, so I was home alone. He came
home with me, and we spent the night in each other's arms
again. The next morning he didn't want to leave, and I
didn't want him to leave.. He missed like three busses
before he finally left :)
I just got off the phone with him, he called to see if I
was allright and stuff..
Tomorrow's gonna be SO weird.. Everyone will find out.. I
wanna stay home :P

I think I'm gonna go to bed.. Didn't really get much sleep
last night.. So.. Take care, huh? ;)

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