2002-04-21 19:14:30 (UTC)

April 21st, 2002...1:59

I am real bored.

I tried to do this thing. I practically begged. (As I call
it, since that is what it seems like to me,) to get the car
and help her move all the boxes into the new house. I would
have done it atleast 1/2 way by now. But no. She doesn't
want me driving. This was expected. I don't really care
though. Now, whenever she asks me for help I'll just tell
her no. She doesn't let me help her before, why should I
help her later?

I asked her for cash to go to the movies or something with
someone. She said she doesn't have any cash. Which is a
first when I ask her, cause I really never ask. So I
thought, since my friends insisted on paying for me ALOT, I
still have cash, and besides I've been saving, so I might
as well tell her I'm going one place and go to another. If
I end up spending cash that's my deal. I called all friends
that I hang with. Everyone is either working or not home.
That kinda pisses me off. Oh well. What can I do.

Nothing really. There is so much to do but if the day
starts out not the way it is planned, then everything is
downhill from there. (Like I wrote in my previous, today's
entry.) I think I'm just gonna watch t.v. all day and take
showers. Prabobly eat. I don't know. Anything as long as I
don't daydream. That is starting to piss me off. I don't
wanna daydream. Mainly cause I use Karma to balance out the
good and the bad things in my daydreams, so it usually ends
up good, but there are alot of opsticles. I gotta quit, but
I'm addicted. Damn! There's not even anyone to talk to on
line. I hope Kayne comes on. I wanna chat with him. Mainly
cause I haven't for some time now. And if he doesn't get on
within a few days, I might just start daydreaming about
him. I hope I don't. My daydreams never work out good when
it comes to relationships. (Atleast not most of the times.)

Oh yeah, most importantly, what I keep forgetting to add, I
am gonna quit pimpwars. (I alredy quit mafia) It's starting
to get boring and takes up too much of my time. I used to
get online to talk to people and write in my diary. Not to
put some ho's on the street and attach other pimps. All
things are good when they are new. Most don't last. WOW!!!
Check that out, 3 periods in a row, I'm amazed