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life of a porn star
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2002-04-21 18:48:23 (UTC)

i am trash

well this was a fun weekend, at least friday was fun. there
was a dance at my highschool and me and my friends go to
them just for kicks. well most of them have to be there for
student counsil ne ways. so that was fun i guess. little
things like that make me not want to grow up. then we went
downtown where all the bars are and we went to this place
called vinnys. they dont id there and there is no cover so
it is our new place to go. amy got really drunk and it was
funny. i was hesatant to drink after my expiriance wih
alcohol poisionng on vacation-(it reacted to my medication)
so i didnt take my pills and i only hd 2 drinks. i was
realy proud f forhaving that control. the rest of my
friends drink a lot. so i am walking throgh the room and
this kid come up tp me and said - wow u r really beautiful.
and im like thanks and i figred he was making fun o me. and
so me and katie and christina are talkng to him and he
introduced us to all of his friends and made us kiss them
all on the cheek. so then he was like can i have one and i
went to kiss him on he cheek and he turned his head and
kissed me on the lips. then my friend went to the bar to
get some more to drink and andrea is kissing mark bedard.
so he goes do you want to make out? n i was lik sure. so we
did. then i didnt talk to hi for awhle bc i fet like he was
making an ass out of me. so we are leavng and he goes-
where is my make out kiss good bye. and that is the story
of how i made out with a stange in some bar. by the way -
his name was brent, he drives a durango, and his favorite
color is blue. hehe. then yesterday i talked to cathrine ad
she told me that she doesnt trust lu. i hope that they
break up.

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