The Personal Things That Happen From Day
2001-05-29 03:31:46 (UTC)

The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

On June 7th, 1999 I lost my virginity. I thought it was
okay. I loved the guy, we talked about getting married, and
we sprung on each other. We thought, "Why don't we do "it"
and be each others lovers. Next thing I know all these
people look at me like if they were pissed off at me in
school. The day I lost it was the day before my 12th
birthday. What a great present, huh? I have to admit, it
did feel good. I had no problem with showing myself off. He
made me feel like there wasn't a care in the world. I loved
being with him. I finally asked one of my boyfriend's (at
the time) friend, "Why is every1 staring at me?" He replied
with, "Eddie sent me an e-mail, and this one girl that
hates you got my password, she's been reading my e-mail,
and I didn't even know! She printed it out and took over
1500 Copies for the whole student body!" I turned pale.
Then he said, "I'm sorry".I went up to that bitch and
kicked her ass! I swear, if we weren't in school I probably
would have killed her. I'm turning 14 on June the 8th. The
7th all of the 8th graders are going to DisneyLand. I sure
hope Eddie won't show, he got kicked out of my school 6
months after our first incident. We kept on doing it, but
now that I have a new boyfriend Eddie and me are not going
to do it n-e-more. He broke up with me on Valentine's Day
of 2000. We were togerher since June 22nd, 1998. I still
love him. I always will.

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