2002-04-21 17:53:50 (UTC)

April 21st, 2002... 12:40

I'm pissed off.

We were suppose to be moving our stuff to the new place. I
even thought that automatically once I get up, (maybe
around 8 or 9,) we'd start moving the boxes into the car.
Unfortunately we didn't, and we're still not about to
start. My mom is in the store right now, she is thinking
about what to make for dinner. FOR DINNER?!?!?!?!? We were
suppose to be moving. By the time she's done with that it
will be at least 4:00! I'm sick and tired of this. I would
have probably completed the hobbit by the end of the day,
without even extending past midnight, had I knew this would
have happened and started when I woke up. I'm not sure if I
wanna start today anymore.

I'm also being underestimated ALOT!!! And I don't like it
one bit. One of my brothers is out somewhere with
boyscouts. The other is at work. My dad was willing to
start moving these things at 5 in the morning. Now he's
willing to wait till the "guys" come back. I'm just waiting
for my mom. When she comes I'll ask for the car. When she's
making dinner, I'll carry the damn boxes myself, and drive
the damn car myself as well. I don't mind. That's what I
was looking forward to do today. So all I wanna do is get
it done and move on. Do something else.

I guess I have this thing in my head now that when
something is to be done, I just gotta plan when, where,
how, e.t.c... Then, no matter how boring, I can deal with
it, and adjust my brain to think that it will be something
enjoyable. (Like school) The only thing that pisses me off,
is when things don't go as planned. (Like now)

Well here comes the b*tch. Gotta go beg for freedom to do
something we were suppose to be already done with. Chow!!!