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2002-04-21 15:36:54 (UTC)


So THursday night Ash, Rach and I partied it up at the
Wayside, always a good time! Then Friday I headed out to
my cousins to play with the lil kiddies, they are so
cute!! After all that goodness Ash and I had to go party
down, so we headed over to the block party! Oh my gosh,
there were SOOOOO many people there, it was crazy! I saw
lots o' people that I knew and met a bunch more. We were
about to leave when opps we started chugging some vodka
basiclly, it was pretty nasty. And someone other than
myself got might F**Ked up:) Just like the party
said, "Let's get F*CKIN LIT", we did just that. After that
got broken up we headed over to the Kappa house and ate
some pizza, haha...Rachel you would've loved it! All you
can EAT FREE Pizza:) We misseed you baby:( Then Saturday
my parents and my g-ma came up and we took all my crap out
and then went to eat, yummmy! After that I took a nap and
then chiled for a bit. We went out but nothing exciting was
going on so we just came home and watched a movie. I
finally hooked my computer back up after a weekend off,
poor baby, missed me, haha:) Well anyways HW time OH YEA!
Happy Birthday Pat:)